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Wired earphone plays a crucial role in your daily tasks.

Whether watching movies, playing games, listening to music, making calls, etc., they are required in every job.

In this new upgrading technological era, most people prefer wireless earphones.

Still, the essential features of wired earphones are that there is no need to charge it, no need to worry about the battery backup, lightweight, and easy to carry.

You need to connect it with your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack and enjoy.

In addition, wired headphones offer high-definition audio quality, ensuring your favorite songs will sound great any time you listen to them on your headphones.

Now without wasting any more crucial time, let us dive into our main topic of top 3 earphones below 1000-

Top 3 Earphones Below 1000 in India 2022 From Top Brands


MI Dual Driver

  • Wired
MI Dual DriverPrice


  • Wired
 JBL C200SI Price

boAt Bassheads

  • Wired
boAt BassheadsPrice

1. MI Dual Driver Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black)

MI Dual Driver Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic

top 3 earphones below 1000

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
price of washing machine of whirlpool

This affordable earphone comes with dynamic dual drivers like other Xiaomi earphones.

The dual-driver structure delivers a never listen before audio experience, giving you an impressive and sharp sound quality.

Dual drivers ensure low distortion and focus on all frequencies to give you a remarkable experience.

Whereas the single driver gives you a single frequency and does not focus on mids and high clear mids offer you excellent instrument separation, and vocals it also enriched with bass.

The MI Dual driver has an excellent standard earphone design with an L-shaped gold connector plating(90o) 3.5mm headphone jack.

That is very helpful for gaming; the buds are 45-degree tilt with an anti-slip rubberized tip that fits very comfortably to wear cord is 1.25m long.

The braided cable is excellent and smooth to touch and anti-winding; you can easily store it in your pocket bags without any trouble of tangling.

The aluminum body feels very smooth and sturdy to touch.

The earbuds have a magnetic suction design which attaches two of them.

You will get a free Hungama Music pro subscription for three months worth 269 by purchasing the earphones.

  • Microphone- Yes, it comes with a good quality microphone
  • Drivers- It has a dynamic dual driver, one 10mm and the second is 8mm
  • Weight (g) – 18.00
  • Frequency Response Range- 20Hz-40,000Hz
  • Output power- 32 ohm
  • Noise cancellation- Passive Noise Cancellation
  • Output Power- 0.005 Watt
  • Color- Blue and Black
  • In The Box- 6 Eartips (3 Pairs:- S/M/L), User manual 1U
  • Warranty- 6 Months

Performance: The MI dual drivers are excellent and average-sounding earbuds for the price. 

They have a bassy sound suitable for bass and better instrument and vocal separation. Overall it is a good package considering the price. 

2. JBL C200SI Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black, Gun Metal)

JBL C200SI Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black, Gun Metal)

top 3 earphones below 1000

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
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JBL is a trusted, well-known brand famous for its audio products like earphones, headphones, loudspeakers, soundbox, and other audio products that perform great with their price range.

This JBL C200SI earphone is very dynamic and very lightweight.

This product’s sound quality is excellent, with good bass and vocal and instrument separation.

It provides you good sound experience, which you expect from the JBL.

IT has a 9mm driver that allows you to listen to music without distortion.

JBl C200SI has a very familiar design that most earphones usually have.

The design of this earphone is a premium metallic design, which makes the earbud more sturdy.

The 45-degree tilt and an anti-slip rubberized tip fit perfectly in your ears.

The length of the wire is 1.2m, and the tangle-free wire quality of; the wire is good and smooth to touch.

It has a 3.5mm gold-plated jack that quickly connects with your smartphone.

  • Microphone- Yes, it has a good quality microphone(mic)  
  • Driver- It comes with a 9mm driver
  •  Frequency Response range- 20-20kHz
  • impedance- 16 ohms 
  • weight- 18g
  • Output power- 3mW
  • Noise cancellation: Yes, it has noise cancellation, which helps listen to the songs without disturbance.
  • Color- Gun Metal, Blue, Ice Grey
  •  1 Pair JBL C200SI earphones
  • 3 set of ear tips(S, M, L), User manual
  • One year warranty and safety card

Performance: This earphone provides you good quality sound and bass at consider to its price range with JBL branding overall, it is a good earphone to be considered.

3. boAt Bassheads 225 Wired in Ear Earphone with Mic (Black Indi)

boAt Bassheads 225 Wired in Ear Earphone with Mic (Black Indi)

top 3 earphones below 1000

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
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The boat is one of those brands that people highly prefer.

The boat is an Indian-based consumer electronic brand specializing in earphones, headphones, travel chargers, and premium rouged cable.

Boat design and market variety of audio-focused consumer electronics include wireless earphones, wireless speakers, home audio equipment, smartwatch, and many smartphone accessories.

boAt Bass Heads 225 has a very good patterned design.

It comes with polished metal, which looks more attractive and sturdy.

It has a very good amount of bass and sound quality.

The main USP of this product is bass, and it is one of the hottest products in the market.

The earphone with flat cable and tangle-free wire flat cable is good and gives it more life, while normal cable tangle easily and might be broken.

The boat has used an L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack which is gold plated.

The L shape connector helps gamers use earphones while gaming.

The chord length is 1.5m long, and it comes with a clip that easily attaches or pines your shirt.

The earbuds have a rubberized tip that protects them from slipping, and they fit securely and don’t fall easily.

Some amazing features of this one of the top 3 earphones below 1000 are as follows-

  • Microphone- It comes with good quality mic
  • Driver- 10mm
  • Frequency Response Range- 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance- 16 ohms
  • Weight- 18gm
  • Output power- 2mW
  • Noise cancellation- It has passive noise cancellation
  • Color- Black, Blue, forest green, forest white, Molten Orange, Neon lime, Black indi, Indi Blue, Indi lime.
  • Boat 225 earphone
  • 3 set of ear tips(S, M, L), User manual
  • One year warranty and safety card

Performance: They offer great value for money and have significant advantages over the competition regarding style and features. 

The bass is the main highlight of it. Overall it is the best earphone in this range.

So now we hope that you must have your perfect best earphones under 1000 from our list of top 3 earphones below 1000.

If you are still confused about choosing the best earphone, go through this small buying guide.

Earphone Buying Guide-

  1. Wired or Wireless: You must always decide whether you want a wired or wireless earphone as both have their pros and cons. 
  2. Weight- Generally, slightly heavy earphones last longer than ultralight ones, so you must select one accordingly. 
  3. Sweat-resistant and Waterproof: You must always prefer waterproof earphones to last longer and not get ruined by water.
  4.  Durability: Always go with the best earphone brand as they will last longer because of the good quality material. 

Important Point

One important thing that I must inform you of is that you should buy your best earphone from our list of top 3 earphones under 1000 in 2022 as soon as possible.

As the price of the earphones on Amazon keeps on fluctuating and in the present time, the rates of these earphones are low, with offers as well, so it will help you save a few bucks on your best earphone:)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is best earphone under 1000?

Generally above mentioned all the top 3 earphones below 1000 are the best ones out there in the market you can undoubtedly go with anyone.

Which earphone has best bass?

All the top brands like JBL, MI, and others emphasize the bass part, but boAt leads in it.

Which is the best gaming earphones under 1000?

You can choose anyone from our list as while selecting them, we have considered the gaming point.

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