Televisions have been our source of entertainment for years. 

We come home from daily work and sit in front of our televisions to watch our favourite shows. 

Televisions are still in demand even after the popularity of smartphones.

People still prefer TV for their shows and movies. 

The televisions are updated, and various new features have been introduced, due to which the demand is increasing.

Now, people can connect to wi-fi and watch their favourite OTT shows or listen to music on youtube. 

Many brands are offering smart TVs of various sizes and prices.

The price of led tv 40 inch comes within quite a high price range. 

People with a reasonable budget can buy a 40 inch led tv, which will have advanced features and give a beautiful look to your living room. 

So, let’s see the three best quality 40 inch led tv price in India

Price Of Led Tv 40 Inch In India 2022-


LG 60 cm

  • (24 inches) 
LG 60 cm Price

Samsung 60.4 cm

  • (24 inches) 
Samsung 60.4 cmPrice

Dell 60 cm

  • (24 inches) 
Dell 60 cm Price

1. Mi 100 cm (40 inches) Horizon Edition Full HD Android LED TV 4A | L40M6-EI (Black) (2021 Model)

Mi 100 cm (40 inches) Horizon Edition Full HD Android LED TV

price of led tv 40 inch

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
price of led tv 40 inch

The popularity and preference of various products of the Mi brand are increasing rapidly.

The price of led tv 40 inch of this brand is around 20K rupees.

Let’s see some of the features of this television: 

  • Quintessential display: It has a wide view angle with a horizon display, a vivid picture engine, and a bezel-less design that provides a beautiful view while watching.
  • Patch wall 4 provides around 30 content partners and more than 75 live channels for free, etc. 
  • 64-bit quad-core processor: It has Mali-450 GPU with 8 GB storage and 1 GB RAM.
  • More features: With Android Tv, it has Chromecast, the Google assistant, the Play store etc.


  • 20 W Stereo speakers 
  • 60-hertz refresh rate 
  • 1 GB RAM and intelligent recommendations 


  • Sometimes have connectivity issues 

Our next best best LED TV 40 inch in , along with price of led tv 40 inch  is-

2. Panasonic 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Android Smart LED TV TH-40HS450DX (Black) (2020 Model)

Panasonic 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Android Smart LED TV

price of Panasonic 40 inch led tv

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
price of led tv 40 inch

Panasonic is a famous brand for electronic appliances. 

It manufactures products in different areas, preferred for its quality and price.

The price of Panasonic 40 inch led tv is around 30k rupees. 

With the price of led tv 40 inch, you will get a good quality product.

Some of the features of this television are:

  • Android OS: This operating system gives a great experience with all its user-friendly features.
  • Chromecast built-in: With this, you can cast your favourite content on the television by using other devices.
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth feature provides wireless audio, giving excellent sound quality to the speakers.
  • More features: It provides OTT apps to watch your favourite shows, has multi HDR, V-audio, Bezel-less design, vivid digital pro, etc.


  • It has an internal memory of 8 GB and 1 GB of RAM
  • Has Mali 470 Triple core open GL ES2.0 processor
  • 16 watts of sound 


  • It has a loud sound, but sometimes not clear 

Our next best best LED TV 40 inch in , along with price of led tv 40 inch  is-

3. Kodak 102 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Certified Android LED TV 40FHDX7XPRO (Black) (2020 Model)

Kodak 102 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Certified Android LED TV

price of led tv 40 inch

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating
price of led tv 40 inch

Kodak is a company that provides various products and services. Kodak tv company manufactures good quality Television sets with advanced features.

The price of kodak 40 inch led tv is around 16k rupees. This price of led tv 40 inch will give you the best quality product. 

Let’s see some features of this television set: 

  • Android 9.0: The Android tv provides a great experience with features of Bluetooth, various apps for watching favourite shows, home automation, etc. 
  • Gaming: The image quality and visuals are outstanding for the gaming experience. 
  • Connectivity: The Tv has various connectivity options like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI that with which you can entertain and enjoy yourself
  • Performance: It has Mali 450 GPU and Cortex A53 Quad-core processor that gives a fast and smooth experience while watching.


  • 24 W output speakers 
  • Good display with a sleek design


  • It might be expensive for a few people

So this was our final best best LED TV 40 inch in India, along with price of led tv 40 inch  is-

Buying Guide for a 40 inch led tv.

Buying a Tv is a difficult task because it’s been a product in your house for a few years. 

So it would be best if you had a reliable Tv with all the features enabled to get a fantastic experience. 

Many people don’t have the basic idea of choosing a television set.

This buying guide will help to understand what features you need to check before purchasing the product.

  • Decide your budget 

There is an immense change in the price range of TVs. You can get a good quality Tv with basic features at an affordable price. If your budget is high, you can buy a Tv with advanced features. TVs with high prices give the best image quality and contrast. The first task is to decide on a budget. 

  • Tv size 

Nowadays, TVs are available in a variety of sizes with modern designs. The era of box Tv is over; compatible televisions are available now. The size of a Tv should be based on your room’s space. However, big size Tv gives your home an outstanding appearance with its design and good picture quality. 

  • OLED or LED- What to choose?

OLED and LED both provide good quality. However, the OLEDs are better than LEDs in a few factors, and OLEDs are more expensive than LEDs. So at last, it’s your decision what to choose among both.

  • Go for Smart TVs

Smart TVs are a preferred choice for many due to their features. It allows Wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB, various OTT apps, YouTube, and any content to watch. Hence, it gives an entertaining and enjoyable experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Which is the best 40 inch LED TV?

We have already mentioned the top 3 best LED TV 40 inch you can go with anyone without any doubt.

Which is the best brand of 40 inch LED TV?

The best brands of 40-inch LED TVs are Panasonic, Mi, Kodak, and Samsung; they deliver some of the best 40 inch LED TV out there in the Indian market.

What is the price of LED TV 40 inch?

Generally, the average price of a good 40 inches LED TV starts from Rs 16000 and rises with the increases in the number of features.


With the present advanced televisions, people get an incredible experience, and it allows you to watch anything you want. 

The 40 inch TVs are the best for any household as they’re an in-between size, and the price of led tv 40 inch is not very high. 

So, if you want to buy a television set for your home, consider the above brands and the buying guide. 

Other than the above three, you can also check out the price of Samsung 40 inch led tv

We hope all your doubts are clear and you are ready to bring a brand new TV to your home.